This article will explain how to fix failed Metrc sales uploads due to incorrect units of measure (UOM) in your Metrc portal.

Watch the video and follow the steps below.

How to Correct the UOM and Upload Sales

  1. Export the Metrc Receipts CSV from the Reports tab in Flowhub.

  2. Upload those sales manually into Metrc.

    • On Metrc’s site, navigate to Sales > Import Sales > Sales (New).

    • Upload the CSV.

  3. Metrc will then list which lines in the CSV have the incorrect units of measure.

    Note: If you already know the items that have the incorrect Unit of Measure, you can skip to Step 4.

  4. Open the CSV you exported from Flowhub and change the Unit of Measure for the lines listed in step 3.

  5. Save and rename the corrected CSV.

    • Note that you will not be able to re-upload a CSV with the same name as the CSV that failed to upload.

  6. Re-Upload sales (refer to step 2).

    • In order to prevent this issue from arising again, edit the UOM for the affected items in Flowhub. This will allow for API upload of future sales that include these Metrc tags.

  7. Navigate back to Flowhub and Search for the affected item by name or Package Tag in your Inventory tab.

  8. Select the item and then edit.

  9. Change its Unit of Measurement (UOM) and select save.

Note: You will need to manually edit the CSV from Flowhub and the inventory item in Flowhub to avoid this error from populating in the future.

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