In Montana, the potency per serving is now included by default on labels. This is required for all non-Inhalable products, however it is being listed on all products for now. The following steps will walk you through how to add serving size to your exit labels.

For Flower products the number of servings will always be equal to the number of grams:


3.5 grams equals 3.5 Servings


14 grams equals 14 servings

Everything else will be calculated based on the Serving Size field entered either in the Product Catalog or Inventory prompt, in relation to what is entered into the Total MG of THC field.

To enter this information:

  1. Navigate to the Product Catalog or Inventory item in Flowhub

  2. Select that item and hit Edit on the right-hand side of the screen

  3. You should see the Serving Size here:


Product Catalog

You’ll see in the example above the item has a serving size of 10 with 100mg of THC. This means it will have a 10mg per serving size.

THC/THCa will always be the default value to calculate the serving size.

If THC and THCa have a value of zero it will then calculate the serving size using the CBD mg value entered on the product. If CBD has a value of 0 then it will then calculate using CBDa

Example of THC serving size in regards to the above screenshots:

You’ll see here that the 100mg of THC is being divided by the 10 servings to get us to our THC per serving size.

In this next example, we’ll show you how CBD becomes the default mg per serving when THC is entered as zero.

The Product Catalog for the Item:

As you can see the THC value is set to 0 and only uses CBD potency. Since there is no THC, the serving size will be dictated by the CBD amount divided by the Serving Size:

Pro Tip: High CBD potency products with low THC potency will still show the serving size based in THC, so long as any value above zero is entered into the THC value.

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