Montana has implemented a new law requiring QR codes on labels that include testing information for a product. Flowhub has developed a quick and easy way to add this to your labels! The QR feature will only be available when editing or creating inventory in Montana.

  1. Select an existing inventory item or create a new one.

  2. Enter the QR code URL into "Testing URL."

    • You can copy and paste the URL from the website or testing facility.

  3. Select "Save & Close".

Flowhub will generate a QR code to print out on your Exit Labels. See the example below:

You’ll notice that this caused the label to print on two labels. This was to ensure the QR code was large enough for customers to scan. Removing items from the top label is possible to make everything fit on one label. Consult your compliance expert before contacting Product Support to remove anything from your labels.

Note: Some testing facilities will send you both the URL and the QR Code, but if they only send you the QR code, you can scan that QR Code and copy and paste the URL into the Flowhub Inventory editor/creator.

This feature is only available in Cashier 2.0 and Completed Sales. If you need to re-print a label with this QR code, you must do so from Completed Sales and not Adjustments in Flowhub Classic.

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