Accessing your data is an essential part of any business. Because every action in Flowhub is recorded, every action can be easily retrieved via reporting. You can run several different reports about your dispensary. Maui’s introduction will include nine reports designed from customer feedback.

Run a Report

  1. Select "Analytics" from the menu in the top left corner of the window.

  2. Highlight the desired report.

  3. Set your desired date range.

    • Set the same day for Start and End dates to view a single day.

  4. Select "View" or "Download."

    • View allows you to preview the report in the window to spot-check the information. To close this view, click outside the preview or select the X in the top right corner.

    • Download saves a . CSV copy of the report on your computer.

Report Definitions:

  • Accounting: Displays an overview of financial information, including total taxes, discounts, returns, net/gross sales, revenue, profit, cost of sold items, and transaction types (debit/credit) for a selected date range.

  • Customers: This report will show you Customer information in your system. This includes their average spending, personal information, and even how many transactions that customer has made at your company.

  • Drawers: Displays drawer balances and actions in a single line item for each drawer. You can see the starting balance, sales on the drawer, cash sales, debit sales, closing balance, drops, payouts, and which employees were on the drawer. This report is currently built to see ALL locations.

  • Inventory: The Inventory Report will show you all of the current inventory you have on hand and their quantities. It will also show you what criteria have been entered for that inventory item; price, supplier, package ID, etc.

  • Product Performance: This report displays your top 5 best and worst performing Products with how many were sold, profit, and average days on shelf.

  • Category Sales: This report will show categorical sales displaying the # of transactions, quantity sold, pre/post tax sales, taxes, cost, discount, and profit, along with the totals of each category at the bottom.

  • Employee Sales: This report will show each employee’s performance over a selected period based on the total number of transactions completed. It will even show average cart price, discounts used, and number of products sold.

  • Sold Items: Gives you an in-depth view of what was sold on a transaction and transactional data that goes with that; taxes, discounts, price, etc.

  • Transactions: This displays transaction totals over a given time. It will not include individual items but an overview of each transaction and its totals.

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