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This article will explain how to set up and use Price Profiles in Flowhub Maui to sell flower and concentrate items by weight.

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Price Profiles allow you to create a set price for any weight unit of bulk or packed flower and concentrates. You can assign a specific price profile to as many inventory items that are sold by weight as necessary. This makes it possible to create one price profile per tier if you sell multiple strains at the same price tier.

Create a Price Profile

  1. Navigate to the Pricing and Taxes tab on the drop-down menu at the top left of the screen.

  2. Select ‘Price Profile’ at the top of the page

  3. Create a Name and Description for your Price Profile.

  4. Choose whether this will apply to Medical or Recreational inventory.

    • If you only have one license type, this will be automatically selected.

  5. Select a Weight tier from the drop-down menu or type in a custom weight.

    • You do not need to set a price for every weight tier.

  6. Set a price for the selected weight tier.

    • Flowhub will calculate the Price Per Gram.

    • If Out the Door pricing is enabled, the price you enter will be the price your customers or patients pay, INCLUDING Tax.

Additional Settings

Mix n Match

If enabled, the total combined weight of all items with this price profile will be used to calculate the weight tier. If inactive, Only the weight of individual items will be used to calculate the weight tier.

Weigh Heavy:

This feature gives the ability to weigh a little heavy while still maintaining tiered pricing. By setting a weight threshold, you will weigh heavy up to this amount before your customer or patient reaches the next Price Profile tier.

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