At this time, Flowhub does not have a designated category for Vape Carts. To get a vape cart in your concentrate category to show as a vape cart on your Weedmaps Menu, you’ll first want to navigate to your Weedmaps Admin page. Then, you will be able to adjust the categories on your custom or “regular” products manually. These changes will not reflect in Flowhub.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You must be on the Crawler version of the integration.

    • Note: You can check if you’re on the crawler by looking at your POS Integration Page.

    • If you’ve received an API key from us in the past year, you should already use Crawler.

  • This will only work for Custom products (not brand verified items). If the brand has selected ‘Concentrates’ as the category for the vape product, you will not be able to adjust this yourself.

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