Dispensaries who produce and manufacture their own products are sometimes eligible to tax these items at a different rate. Follow the steps below to set up supplier-based taxes.

Enable Supplier-Based Taxes:

  1. Navigate to Suppliers in Company Management.

  2. Create a new supplier or select the ‘Edit’ button on an existing supplier.

  3. Check the box "Yes, supplier is vertically integrated (micro-business)."

    • Note: If you do not see this option in your suppliers, please reach out to Product Support via phone, email, or chat for this feature to be turned on.

  4. Navigate to your Taxes and Fees in the Location Management drop-down menu.

  5. Create a new tax or click on the ‘Edit’ button to edit an existing tax.

  6. Check the box "Enables different tax calculations based on supplier (California-only)."

    • Note: Use the drop-down menu to dictate which products will be taxed at this rate.

  7. Select Save.

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