A few data points can be adjusted after a sale has taken place. An adjustment could be needed for a few different reasons; the sale might have been rung as cash when it should have been debit (or vice versa), the wrong quantity of a product could have been rung up, or the wrong budtender or customer name was attached to the sale. You can also void a sale if you wish to re-ring or cancel a logged sale.

How to make an Adjustment to a sale

  1. Navigate to the ‘Adjustments’ tab on Flowhub Classic.

  2. Find the sale that needs to be adjusted, click on it, and click the Edit button on the right panel.

There are a few different adjustments to make:

Edit Level:

You can either edit a specific product or the whole cart (general). Your options will differ depending on what you pick in this section.

  • Product

    • If you select a product included in the transaction, you’ll have the option to edit the SKU or the Quantity sold.

      • Editing the quantity sold will not adjust the taxes or receipt total of a transaction.

  • General

    • Here you can edit the Employee Badge Number, Customer Name, Customer State, or Payment amounts.

      • Editing payment amounts will allow you to change tender types and recalculate change when adjusting cash amounts.

        • A reason is required to save an adjustment.

Voiding a Sale

Note: You can only void a sale within the same business day.

  1. Navigate to the Adjustments tab and find the sale you want to void. Click on it to highlight it in green.

  2. Select ‘Void’ in the bottom right corner of Flowhub Classic.

  3. The system will prompt you to include a reason for the void, which will populate in your reports or appear in the adjustments tab marked with a red line to the left of the transaction.

    • Once the void is made, you are unable to reverse the void.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Flowhub Product Support at 844-FLOWHUB or help@flowhub.com.

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