Adding Topicals In Colorado

This article will explain how to add topicals so that they apply to purchase limits correctly. This is for Colorado clients only.

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In Colorado, only “transdermal” or psychoactive topicals are deducted from a customer’s daily THC purchase limits. Non-transdermal/non-psychoactive topical sales, while still being reported to Metrc, do not impact a customer’s daily purchase limit of THC products. Because of this, it’s necessary to separate transdermal vs. non-transdermal topicals into two separate product categories in your Flowhub inventory. This is accomplished by enabling both the “Topical” and “Non-Edible” product categories within your Flowhub system, then assigning transdermals to the “Non-Edible” category and non-transdermals to the “Topical” category. Please follow the process below to see if your system is set up correctly to handle these differences in topicals.

Adding Topicals to the Product Catalog and Inventory

  1. To verify you have both the “Topical” and “Non-Edible” categories enabled in your system, navigate to the Inventory tab in Flowhub > select the “+” button in the upper-right corner > click on the Category drop-down and see if both “Topical” and “Non-Edible” are present.

    • If you are missing either or both of these categories, please send an email to containing your name, company name, location name, and a brief message requesting that we enable these categories in your system.

    • As a precaution, please mention the current daily purchase limits for transdermal topicals in CO.

  2. After receiving access to the appropriate categories, you’ll want to reassign all your current transdermal and non-transdermal topicals to the appropriate category (if they are not already in the proper category). To reassign a product’s category:

    • Delete all current inventory of the product in the Inventory tab, making a note of current quantity, Metrc tag numbers, batch numbers, and any other information you’ll want to preserve

    • Navigate to the Product Catalog by clicking your name in the bottom left corner of Flowhub, then select Manage and Company Management.

    • Find the product profile in the Product Catalog, and remove it.

    • Create a new product profile for this product by clicking the “+” button in the upper-right corner, and be sure to select the correct category

    • Re-add this product’s inventory to your system under its new category using the information you noted in (a) above by navigating to the Inventory tab > click the “+” button in the upper-right corner.

  3. After reassigning the categories for your topical products, you should notice transdermals (everything in the “Non-Edible” category) applying to a customer’s THC limit in Cashier while non-transdermals (in the “Topical” category) do not.

Depending on your current inventory, it may be preferable to assign transdermals to the “Topical” category and non-transdermals to the “Non-Edible” category to reduce the work needed in step 2.

If you have any questions about this workflow, please reach out to Flowhub Product email at

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