This is an upcoming feature and will be available soon!

In states that do not require inventory to be separated between Med and Rec products (OR, MT, and CA coming soon), Flowhub can now block items for Recreational customers that have a potency that only allows them to be purchased by Medical Patients.

Below is a table of the potencies that Flowhub is enforcing per state. Any potencies higher than what’s listed will be blocked for Recreational Customers.

  • This feature is still under development, and these limits have not been put into place for California yet.

  • In cases where Total THC needs to be calculated from THCa and THC, but the field doesn’t exist (concentrates/extracts), this will be added once we have the ability to add THCa to Concentrate products.

  • If your location needs serving size enabled, please send an email to with the name of your dispensary

  • Total THC for Flower products is calculated using the formula below:

    • (THCa% x 0.877) + THC% = Total THC%

    • If you are currently using the THC field for Total THC, we recommend that you use this for the actual THC value.

Cart Behavior

When a Recreational Customer has a cart or order ahead order opened, products that exceed the limits listed above will appear with a caution marker and won’t be able to be added or scanned into a cart:

If the product is scanned, a similar message will be presented to the budtender:

Medical patients will not see any error message, nor will they be blocked from purchasing products outside of the usual prevention of buying more than the Cannabis Counter allows.

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