This is an upcoming feature and will be available soon!

In states that do not require inventory to be separated between Med and Rec products (OR, MT, and CA coming soon), Order Ahead orders can become cumbersome if they are assigned the wrong type of order. Cashier can now block items for Recreational customers that have a potency that only allows them to be purchased by Medical Patients. With this new update, online orders for Recreational Clients may contain items that are blocked due to their potency.

There are two ways to complete these orders.

Remove Blocked Items

  1. Remove the Medical item from the order by clicking “Remove.”

  2. Then, add the rest of the items to continue fulfilling the order.

Reassign the Order Type

  1. Confirm that the person who placed the order has a Medical card.

  2. Select the green circle with arrows next to the order type icon.

    • If the order is a Recreational order, this will change the order to a medical one. This button will also change Medical orders to recreational ones.

    • If you have not started to fulfill the order yet, you should see the type change from Medical to Recreational. If you have already begun to fulfill the order, you will need to confirm your action to change the order type and will need to re-add items to the cart.

    • You can continue to switch the order between Medical and Recreational until the customer has been notified, at which point the Order Type will be locked.

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