Flowhub has partnered with Aeropay to provide a cashless payment solution for Cashier. With this integration, your patients and customers can use Aeropay on their smartphones to complete ACH transfer payments in Cashier. To start your integration with Aeropay, complete this form.

Follow the steps or watch the video below to learn how to complete a transaction using Aeropay at checkout.

Set up Aeropay in Cashier

  1. Navigate to Cashier preferences,

    • You must have the “Company Management” permission to access Cashier preferences.

  2. Select “Payment” on the left.

  3. Enter your Aeropay URL ID and Merchant ID.

  4. Click away from the box to close it.

Process a Payment in Cashier

  1. Add product to a customer’s cart.

  2. Select “collect payment.”

  3. Select “Aeropay.”

  4. Cashier will display a QR code that the customer can use on their smartphones to complete ACH transfer through Aeropay.

  5. Select “Verify payment.”

    • This button will Validate the payment and provide an Aeropay receipt number.

  6. Select Continue.

  7. Enter your Cashier PIN and then “check out.”

  8. Any receipts or exit labels will print, and the transaction is complete!

All Aeropay transactions are marked as such in completed sales.

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