The OLCC has recently updated Recreational limits so that Recreational customers may now purchase 5 grams of concentrate or extracts and 5 grams of Inhalable Cannabinoid products.

Because these products are often categorized as concentrates or extracts within Flowhub, we’ve added a new field to help transfer these products to be counted separately.

Mark an existing or new product as an Inhalable Cannabinoid product

  1. Within Flowhub Classic, navigate to the Product catalog in "Company Management."

  2. Add a product or edit an existing one.

  3. Find the “Inhalable Cannabinoid?” field and click “Yes.”

  4. This product will now be counted towards the Inhalable Cannabinoid counter within Cashier 2.0 for Recreational Customers!

    Note: This workflow only applies to customers in Oregon. We are currently confirming whether or not this change will apply to Medical customers as well.

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