Cashier is Flowhub’s latest addition to their POS platform. Enabling Cashier comes with access to our new discount engines and the ability to integrate with more of our vetted partners. Click here to learn more about what Cashier has to offer your dispensary.

Note: Enabling Cashier will render all Specials created in Flowhub Classic inactive. New discounts can be created at using our Specials or Deals engines. A direct link to this page is available in the Specials tab in Flowhub Classic.

Closing Flowhub Classic Drawers

Cashier has its own section to manage your dispensary’s drawers. Because of this, you’ll need to close your existing drawers in Flowhub Classic. Failing to close your drawers in Flowhub Classic can result in difficulty running reports.

  1. Navigate to the drawers tab.

  2. Select your drawer.

  3. Select “close drawer.”

  4. Repeat this step for all open drawers.

Enabling Cashier

  1. Navigate to Location Management on the bottom left of your screen.

  2. Toggle the drop-down to "Settings."

  3. Select the Cart tab, and click on "Use Cashier 2."

Note: You must repeat these steps to enable Cashier for multiple locations.

Install Cashier

  1. Click here to view our hardware requirements.

    • Hardware that does not meet these requirements may experience slowness or loss of function when using Flowhub Software.

  2. Navigate to

    • Cashier is also available through the Apple App Store for use on 9.5” and above iPads.

  3. Select your operating system.

    • If you’re installing Cashier on a Mac, your may need to navigate to security and general to open Cashier.

  4. Open and run the downloaded file.

Configure your printers

  1. Select the printer menu from the top left corner of the Cashier window.

    • Windows users, use the ALT key on your keyboard to expose the printer menu.

  2. Select your label and receipt printers.

  3. Select “print test label” and “print test receipt.”

If you need additional assistance setting up Cashier, contact our Product Support team at or call 1(844)-FLOWHUB opt 1 for support.

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