In Flowhub, every inventory item will be assigned a SKU (stock-keeping unit) that allows employees to quickly search their inventory by scanning a barcode label or searching the inventory for the item. To print these labels for your inventory, follow the steps below.

How to Print a Barcode/Inventory Sticker

  1. Log into the desktop Flowhub Classic application (not through Google Chrome).

  2. Select "Inventory" from the left side of the navigation menu.

  3. Select the item you need to label.

  4. On the right, you will see a few options near the bottom of the "Details" pane:

  5. Choose "Print Barcode Label."

    • For "bulk flower" Items, this will allow you to enter in a gram amount to print the label.

    • You will be prompted to enter how many labels you would like to print for all other products.

  6. Once you enter your amount, select "Print Labels," which will send the print to the linked label printer.

  7. You can then affix these labels to your product. Your budtenders can now use a scanner to add these items to the customer's cart if they would like.

Note: If you are in Google Chrome, this option will not send the print to the printer. In Google Chrome, a PDF image will display, allowing you to print the labels using Google Chrome's print options.

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