Cashier provides flexibility when printing labels through Cashier Preferences.

Cashier Preferences

Access "Cashier Preferences" by selecting your current location in the top right corner of Cashier.

You can set printing preferences for flower cannabis labels, non-flower cannabis labels, and receipts here.

  • Only Flower labels will print.

When configured in this manner, only flower labels will print when exit labels are printed
  • Only non-flower labels will print.

  • No Exit Labels will print

  • All Exit Labels will print

  • Receipts will print only when you select the "PRINT RECEIPT" button at the end of a transaction.

Preprint Exit Labels in the Cart

With the “Print All Labels” button at the bottom of the cart in Cashier, you can preprint exit labels to maximize your Budtender's workflow.

Note: If a user clicks the print all labels button, the exit labels will not automatically print at the sale's end. However, if a user does not click the print all labels button, exit labels will print at the end of a sale.

Labels can always be printed from the Order Confirmation Modal that appears after a sales transaction and from the Completed Sales tab in Cashier.

The “Print All Labels” button will print exit labels for all items in the cart unless you have turned off printing preferences for flower or non-flower cannabis items. Additionally, pressing this button will prevent the printing of exit labels after the sale, as it assumes you’ve already applied the exit labels to the products sold.

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