In an effort to better assist our Oklahoma clients, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on how to successfully report to the OMMA for each monthly period. By following these steps, you should experience a more efficient method of obtaining the required information before navigating to the OMMA portal.

For an overview tutorial on OMMA Reporting with Flowhub, watch this video:

Flowhub Reports

To get started, make sure you have the correct permissions to run the necessary reports for the OMMA. The permissions you need are: "Access Reports" and "Report Admin." If you do not have the permissions necessary to run the OMMA related reports, reach out to a manager or your Flowhub administrator.

All Oklahoma users with the "Report Admin" and "Access Reports" permissions will automatically have access to the OMMA Report. The report can be found and selected within "Dashboards"

To access "Dashboards", log into using a Chrome Browser and select "Dashboards" from the left hand navigation. Select "Reports" from the available drop-down to see your reports.

How to Access the OMMA Report

Under "Reports" in Dashboards you will see the OMMA report listed along with any other created reports. This report can be removed and added back. If you do not see the report listed, you can manually create the report by following the steps below.

How to Create the OMMA Report

Click the "+ Add New Report" button at the top of the page. Enter the name "OMMA Report", along with a description of your choice. Then select the "OMMA" option in the "Report Type" drop-down.

Once you select the report and click "Next", you'll see the options for the report fields. All fields are recommended, so you van choose the "Select All" option at the top and click "Next."

The only filters you'll see are for "Month" and "Year." Select both of these options and save the report.

How to Schedule the OMMA Report

For the purposes of streamlining the overall reporting process, we recommend scheduling the report to have it automatically sent to you on the first of each month.

To schedule this report, click on the "OMMA Report" then select the "Schedule Report" option under the "Details" panel to the right.

After selecting "Schedule Report," you'll see the options to select the frequency and delivery method of the report.

Select the frequency of "Monthly" and enter the desired email(s) you want to deliver the report to. Make sure to click “Add” after email address to make sure the email is saved. Once done, click "Save" and the report has been scheduled. Each month, on the first, the OMMA report will be automatically sent to the email addresses entered on this screen.

If you'd like to run the report manually and have more control over the time and date at which you receive the report, click the "Run Report" option under "Details" and select the desired month and run the report.

Flowhub’s OMMA Report includes:

  • Sales weight (lbs) and count (units) for each category/customer type

  • Beginning inventory for the month

  • Ending inventory for the month

  • Pre-tax sales amount (Medical Cannabis Sales for Adult Patients & Caregivers)

  • Taxes collected (listed by tax rate)

  • Inventory added (count)

  • Inventory added (weight)

The OMMA Report pulls the counts for concentrates. If you use extract as a type of concentrate, you’ll receive a count for extracts as well.

In the OMMA Portal, ‘Edibles’ is the only category that requires a weight AND count to be entered. The rest of the categories require a weight OR count. Because of this, the OMMA Report provides the weight and count for edibles and either a weight OR count for the remaining categories.

Note: For values not required by the OMMA portal, the OMMA Report displays 0’s in those fields. This does not mean that the value is zero, rather that the cell is NULL and not required for OMMA reporting.

Recommended Monthly Workflow

Each month, we recommend following the steps below to efficiently gather all of the above information before you navigate to the OMMA portal. That way, you’ll have all of the reports on hand and ready to go.

  • Step 1:

    • Schedule the "OMMA Report" from" Reports" in Dashboards to have it delivered to your email with a frequency of "Monthly." You’ll receive the report on the first of each month and will simply need to confirm by checking your inbox.

  • Step 2:

    • Once you receive the report, open the OMMA portal and use the Flowhub report to copy and paste the data into the appropriate fields.

Note: The OMMA monthly portal does not have an API connection or CSV file upload and will require users to manually enter the data from the Flowhub OMMA report into the OMMA portal.

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