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This article will explain how to use the Metrc Receipts report in Flowhub to report sales to Metrc.

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Metrc stands for "Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance" and is a seed-to-sale tracking system for cannabis sales. If you are in a Metrc-compliant location, you need to report your daily sales to Metrc. This can either be done manually through Metrc via a file upload, or you can use Flowhub's API integration to push your sales to Metrc.

In order to push sales through the Flowhub/Metrc integration, you need to have a valid API Key assigned to your Flowhub account. For assistance, see the Set up Metrc API Key in Flowhub article. Once you have successfully assigned an API key, proceed with the following instructions.

How to Push Sales to Metrc

  1. Select "Reports" from the left side of the navigation menu.

  2. Search and select the "Metrc Receipts" report.

  3. Once selected, the report's filters will appear at the top of the main window:

  4. Sales receipts are reported by day. Select the "Location," "Date," and the license type of "Med" or "Rec." Once entered, then in the "Details" pane to the right, you will have the options: "CSV" and "Upload to Metrc."

  5. Select the "Upload to Metrc" option, which will give you a chance to confirm your selection:

  6. Select "No Way" if you need to make a change. Select "Yes" if you are good to proceed.

  7. If uploading sales was completely unsuccessful, you will get an error message. Take a look here for additional assistance: Received METRC Bad API Key Message.

  8. If this is your first time pushing sales, we recommend checking in Metrc so that you can see how a successful push will appear in Metrc.

    Note: Due to restrictions in Metrc, not all sales can be pushed via API. If you are unable to push sales via the API, you can upload sales directly to METRC by following the instructions below. Sales will appear duplicated in Metrc if sales are pushed via API and CSV through your Metrc portal.

Manually uploading sales with errors to Metrc:

  1. Using the "Sales Not Yet Pushed" filter, export the METRC Receipts CSV from the Reports tab in Flowhub.

  2. Navigate to your METRC portal and log in.

  3. On METRC’s site navigate to Sales > Import Sales > Sales (New)

    • Make sure that you have the sales tab selected. By default, you will be navigated to the packages tab.

  4. Upload the affected days CSV

If there are any incorrect units of measure, incorrect tags, or packages, the upload will fail with a list of lines to refer to in the CSV. If your CSV upload fails to upload, rename your file before attempting to re-upload. METRC only allows CSV uploads that have 500 lines or less. If your METRC Receipts CSV is more than 500 lines, you will need to create two separate CSVs in order to upload all of the sales from the selected day. If you have questions about working in Metrc, check with your Metrc representative.

Please note, in the event that separate transactions occur in the same second, Flowhub will implement a tie-breaking feature for manual CSV uploads to Metrc. This tie-breaking feature will detect two unique transactions that occurred in the same second and separate one transaction by a single second. This shift will prevent those sales from being reported as the same transaction when uploading the CSV files to Metrc.

Please refer to the article Metrc Reporting: How to Correct a Unit of Measure Upload Error for more detailed instructions.

Best Practices for Using Flowhub to Upload Daily Sales into METRC

  • Only upload sales to Metrc via the API one time per day.

  • Only push sales to Metrc when all sales have been completed for the day you are reporting on.

  • Once a successful push has been made to Metrc, any adjustments will need to be done directly on the package in Metrc and not through the API or CSV upload.

  • Note: The manual upload cannot be used to override an API push. This will cause duplicate sales to be reported.

  • To help avoid duplicate reporting, we recommend that you always push sales via API or you always push sales manually. This will help avoid accidentally reporting sales twice.

  • Ensure only one person each day is uploading via the API or the sales could be duplicated.

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