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This article will explain how to configure Deals.

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Flowhub Deals allow you to set up discounts for items in your dispensary. These deals can help your dispensary move product, bring in customers, and maintain a competitive advantage over dispensaries around you.

How to Enable Deals

At this time, Deals and Specials can not be used simultaneously. You can activate Deals for each of your locations in Cashier with the following steps:

1. Log in to Cashier.

2. Select the location drop-down menu.

The location drop down is expanded in cashier, showing the cashier preference button

3. Select “Cashier Preferences.”

4. Select the “Deals” tab on the left side.

The deals tab is shown in cashier preferences with deals toggled on.

5. Turn “Use Deals” on.

  • You can turn Deals off and revert to Specials at any time.

  • This setting will apply to your entire location until it is disabled.

  • Company Management permission is required to toggle deals on and off.

How to Create a Deal

Watch the video for an overview on creating Deals or follow the steps below.

1. Sign in to You will need the "Manage Specials" permission to access this page.

2. Select the Deals tab from the top of the manage menu.

  • Here you will find and edit any Deals that have been created in the past.

The create new deal button is shown

3. Select “Create New Deal.”


1. Name your deal.

2. Select the type of deal you wish to create.

Screenshot of Basics options
  • Simple Product Discount: Discount a product or a group of products

  • Buy X, Get Y: Buy a product or a set of products and get a discount on a separate product or group of products.

  • Cart Subtotal Discount: Discount all items in the cart (pre-tax).

3. Set optional limits for customer type, order type, location, or customer group.


Time frame settings are optional and set to “ongoing” by default. You can limit time frames by day, time, or date range.

Screenshot of timeframe settings in manage app

Eligible Products and Discounts

For Simple Product Discounts and Buy X, Get Y Deals, you’ll enter your eligible product(s) here. You can select a single product or a bundle of eligible products for a Deal using our “AND” function. The “AND” function requires the customer to have all eligible products in their cart to qualify for a Deal. You can also let the customer mix and match eligible products using our “OR” function.

User-added image

Advanced filters make it easy to find and select eligible products for deals. Once you choose your eligible product(s), set a percentage off, dollar off, or new price discount.

The advanced filter window is shown

If an item with a valid expiration date is selected as an eligible product, you will have the option to create an Expiring Product Deal by selecting the "Day of Expiration" box or setting the number of days before the expiration of an item for which you'd like the Deal to apply.

The expiring products settings are shown.

For Cart Discounts, you’ll select a percentage or dollar-off discount on all items in a customer’s cart.

The cart discount window is shown.

Additional Settings

  • Set a case-sensitive promo code by checking the “require promo code” box.

  • Limit the combining of deals by checking “Yes, this deal cancels out any other discounts in the cart." Note that any deals with promo codes are always combined with other deals.

  • Limit the number of times the deal can be used in one transaction or allow the customer to use the deal unlimited times in a single transaction.

  • Set an optional pre-tax minimum cart subtotal.

Additional deals setting are shown.


This section provides an overview of your Deal and links to edit any section that you wish. Here you can save your Deal as active or inactive. You also can hide the summary by toggling it on and off.

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