In Flowhub Reports, several pre-generated reports offer great insights. You can also create custom reports and set endless parameters to tease out the exact information you are looking for.

How to Add a Custom Report

Note: Custom reports are only available to the person who makes the report. If another Flowhub user wants access, they will need to create the report with the same fields and filters.

  1. Select "Reports" from the left side of the navigation menu.

  2. Select the "+" button in the upper right corner of the main window.

  3. Enter the "Name" of the report, a brief "Description," and then select the "Report Type."

    • There are over 30 different areas that you can pull a report on. Sales, Sales By Item, Inventory, Inventory Activity, and Sales - Category Breakdown are more commonly used reports.

  4. The available fields and filters will update based on the type of report you pick.

  5. "Save" when complete, and the report will appear in your reports list.

Add New Report - Report Added

How to Run a Custom Report

  1. Select the report to be run. Once selected, the top of the page will show the available filters:

    • Filters view for customer report

  2. Adjust the filters (if needed) and choose the "CSV" option in the "Details" pane to the right.

  3. A CSV file will download to your desktop. This file can be used in any spreadsheet editor.

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