The "Metrc Discrepancy - Inventory Report" found in Flowhub Reports shows all discrepancies between your Flowhub inventory and Metrc inventory quantities. This report does not list all active packages within the location's inventory. This report displays packages with varying quantities or other errors between Metrc and Flowhub's inventory.

This report represents inventory quantities from the most recent Metrc Sales push. To collect the most accurate data, we recommend running the "Metrc Discrepancy - Inventory Report" after pushing sales to Metrc or before sales have been conducted for that day.

How to Run the Metrc Discrepancy - Inventory Report

For a quick tutorial on how to run and use the Metrc Discrepancy Report, watch this video:

  1. You will need a valid Metrc API Key to pull this report.

    • If you do not have a Metrc API key you will need to be given access by a supervisor/manager of your dispensary in Metrc.

  2. Click the "Reports" tab from the left-hand side menu.

  3. Find the report labeled "Metrc Discrepancy - Inventory Report."

  4. At the top of the reports page, select your location and the license type (Med or Rec) and click "CSV" under details on the right side.

  5. Once the report is run, the following fields will be displayed within the CSV:

    • Package ID

    • License

    • Flowhub Category

    • Metrc Category

    • Metrc Product Name

    • Flowhub Unit of Measure

    • Metrc Unit of Measure

    • Unit of Measure Matches Metrc (yes / no)

    • Flowhub Quantity

    • Flowhub Calc. Weight

    • Metrc Quantity, Quantity Variance (Metrc - Flowhub Calc. Weight)

    • Notes - The notes section lists the discrepancy reason.

METRC Discrepancy Report

How to Use the Metrc Discrepancy Report

The following sections give a brief description and troubleshooting steps for each discrepancy note.

Active Package not in Flowhub:

For a quick overview of this discrepancy type, watch this video:

The package has been created in Metrc but has yet to be added to Flowhub's inventory. This package needs to be added to your Flowhub inventory.
Solution: Import these packages from Metrc using the "Packages" tab within Flowhub. You can also manually add the inventory to Flowhub.

Inactive Package not in Metrc:

The package is currently in Flowhub and within the inactive portion of Metrc, meaning the package was sold down to 0, adjusted, or combined before the package was finished. Search for the package tag within inactive Metrc, use the drop-down to locate the affected package tag, and determine what actions were taken.

  • Adjusted - If a negative adjustment occurred within the tags, the user is still in compliance if this package is “unfinished." Navigate to the active portion within Metrc and adjust the package to reflect the same number of units previously adjusted out. This number should match the Flowhub quantity as well.

  • Sold through - If a package was sold through with no adjustments, this implies an under/oversold has occurred. The user must find the up adjustments (oversold) matching the down adjustment (undersold).

  • Combined Packages - If all of the weight from this package has been moved into a new package, the inactive package can not be adjusted. If any adjustments occur, they need to be applied to the active package the weight was moved into.

Multiple SKUs in Flowhub:

For a quick overview of this discrepancy type, watch this video:

Multiple inventory items in Flowhub are attached to one package tag in Metrc but are separated within the Flowhub inventory because the packages are assigned different SKUs. Although both share the same package ID, a discrepancy will still appear in the Metrc Inventory - Discrepancy report as the report compares the quantity in Metrc to the quantity assigned to each SKU.

Solution: It is recommended to use a pivot table to group these SKUs to compare Flowhub and Metrc quantities properly.
First, copy and paste these packages into a new Google Sheets file. ​Highlight the spreadsheet, click "Data," select "Pivot Table," and create a pivot table with the following options:

Multiple SKUs Options

Use the newly calculated sum to compare to the Metrc quantity.

Not Found in Metrc:

For a quick overview of this discrepancy type, watch this video:

The package tag is not listed under the license in Metrc. The report was run under, active or inactive.

Solution: Double-check the package ID is correct by searching for the package in the active or searching the last four digits of the package tag to see if a package is incorrectly entered. If there are no results, navigate to "Transfers Outgoing" or "Transfers Incoming" and search to find the package tag within those manifests. Lastly, if the company utilizes a warehouse facility, the package may be sitting in another license waiting to be shipped.

Quantity Discrepancy:

For a quick overview of this discrepancy type, watch this video:

Flowhub and Metrc packages' calculated weight (flower) or the number of units (infused products/”each”) do not match.

Solution: Confirm the Metrc Inventory - Discrepancy Report has not been run in the middle of the day. This variance could result from the current day's sales that have yet to be reported to Metrc. If this is not the case, physically count inventory with any quantity discrepancy to find under/over sales.

Unit of Measure Discrepancy:

For a quick overview of this discrepancy type, watch this video:

The "each" or gram unit of measure does not match Flowhub or Metrc.

Note: Unit of measures in Flowhub must match the unit of measure displayed in Metrc when pushing sales via CSV.
Solution: Change the unit of measure in Flowhub to match what is displayed in Metrc.

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