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Run an End of Day CSV Report
Run an End of Day CSV Report

This report is meant to serve as a replacement for the End of Day PDF report.

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The End of Day PDF report is a helpful report that shows all the sales data for the day and an overview of sales by drawer and employee. The End of Day PDF report cannot be run if a drawer is not correctly closed at the end of the reporting day. If you are unable to run the End of Day PDF Report due to a drawer not being closed, you can create the following report:

Note: This is a custom report. It will only be available to the user that creates it on their account.

Please keep in mind to create a report, make sure your manager has you set up with Access Reports permissions. If you do not have the following options, please confirm your permissions with your supervisor or Flowhub Administrator.

Create the Report

  1. Select "Reports" from the sidebar navigation (left).

  2. Select the "+" button to open the report modal.

  3. Name the report we suggest: "EOD CSV Replacement."

  4. Enter the description we suggest: "End of Day PDF in CSV Format."

  5. Select the type of report: "Sales."

  6. Selecting the type will update the fields and filters available for the report.

  7. Select the following fields. If you are using a Chrome browser you can drag and drop the fields into the order below. You can also use the below screenshot of the report modal view for reference.

    • Transaction Time

    • Transaction Date

    • Employee Name

    • Drawer

    • Customer Name

    • Total Cash

    • Total Debt

    • Total Gift Card

    • Total Loyalty

    • Tax In Dollars

    • Sale Total

    • Voided

  8. Select the following Filters:

    • Date Range

    • Select Save

  9. Your report will now be listed in the "Reports" list.

Report modal view:

Report View

To Run the Report

  1. Select the report.

  2. Select your filters at the top of the screen (location, date range, etc.).

  3. On the right side near the bottom of the page, click the CSV button.

  4. A CSV file will download to your computer.

Note: The first time you generate a report, Chrome’s pop-up blocker may prevent the report from opening up. Change the settings in the Chrome browser to always allow pop-ups from *

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