This report allows you to see the taxes collected throughout a specific date or date range for either all locations or a specific location. It will show the med and rec tax collected for that date or date range. This report will also give you a breakdown of each tax collected over the course of either a date range or a single date.

How to Run the End of Day PDF Report

For an overview tutorial on how to run the End of Day PDF Report, watch this video:

Note: The End of Day PDF will only pull successfully if all drawers are closed on the date requested. If a drawer is left open the next day, this report will not allow you to pull the PDF.

  1. Sign in to (this link will open in a new window) or the Flowhub Classic application.

  2. Once logged in, select “Reports” from the left side.

  3. Once selected, you will see a listing of reports pre-built in Flowhub and any custom reports you have built for your account. The PDF reports will be pre-built in all Flowhub accounts and will populate for users with the report permissions.

  4. Search for "End of Day PDF" or "PDF" and select the report. Once selected, the report filters will show at the top of the main window:

    • End of Day Report
    • "Location" Filter: This allows you to see a specific location's tax information. This can be left on "Choose One" to pull a report for all locations.

    • Single Date Filter: This allows you to choose which date to run your "End of Day PDF" report for. This is a single-date report.

  5. Once you have highlighted the report and changed the filters, select the “PDF” button under the details pane to the right.

Run the Report in Google Chrome

  1. This will display a PDF of the report. If run for multiple locations, there will be a separate Chrome tab for each location.

  2. To download the report, select the "Download" icon in chrome, to the upper right.

    • Google Chrome Download
  3. This will download the file to your computer.

  4. You can usually access the file by clicking the downloaded file to the bottom left of your browser window.

Run the Report in Flowhub Classic Application

  1. The report will automatically download to the default file location for your computer.

  2. This will typically be downloads, your computer desktop, or a documents folder.

  3. You can search for the file in the "Recents" folder of your computer if needed.

How to Read the Report

Note: Double-check the location name in the top left corner as well as the date range in the top right of the report to make sure you have the right location/date.

Listed below is a break-down of each section:

  • Cash Sales: Shows all sales where cash was received.

  • Debit Sales: Shows all sales where a debit card was used.

  • Gift Card Sales: Shows all sales where a gift card was used.

  • Loyalty Sales: Shows all sales where loyalty points were used.

  • Total Tax: Shows all tax that was collected throughout that day. Below this total will be a breakdown of each specific tax collected and the totals collected.

  • Total Sales: Shows overall sales for the chosen day. This amount will include taxes collected in the total.
    Total Revenue: Shows the total amount of revenue made for the given day. Below this total is a breakdown of product categories sold.

  • Refunds: Shows transactions that were refunded over the course of the day.

  • Payouts: Shows the number of monies removed over the course of a day to pay suppliers and other entities from your daily sales.

  • Gift Cards Sold: Shows the dollar amount of gift cards sold.

  • Drawer Totals Section: Shows the breakdown of a specific drawer, showing everything from starting drawer amounts to payouts, gift cards sold, and the amount the drawer was either under or over in that day.

  • Employee Sales: Next to the drawer breakdown there is a listing of “Employee Sales.” This section will show the number of sales made by each employee assigned to that drawer.

Report Example:

End of Day Example Report
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