The sales PDF report is a breakdown of sales of either a specific date or date range that will show you sales essential information. This report can be helpful to find your top sale days, most utilized coupons, and best-selling items.

How to Run the Sales PDF Report

  1. Sign into (this link will open in a new window) or the Flowhub Classic application.

  2. Once logged in, select “Reports” from the left side of the navigation.

  3. Once selected, you will see a listing of reports pre-built in Flowhub and any custom reports you have built for your account. The PDF reports will be pre-built in all Flowhub accounts and populate for users with the report permissions.

  4. Search for "Sales PDF" and select the report. Once selected, the report filters will show at the top of the main window:

    • PDF Report View

    • Location Filter: this allows you to see a specific location's sales information. This can be left on "Choose One" to pull a report for all locations.

    • Date/Date Range Filter: this allows you to select a single date or date range to find the sales for specified locations for that time frame.

    • Med/Rec Filter: pulls sale information for a specific customer type.

  5. Once you have highlighted the report and changed the filters, select the “PDF” button under the details pane to the right.

Run the Report in Google Chrome

  1. This will display a PDF of the report. If run for multiple locations, there will be a separate Chrome tab for each location.

  2. To download the report, select the "Download" icon in chrome to the upper right:

    • Google Chrome Download

  3. This will download the file to your computer.

  4. You can usually access the file by clicking the downloaded file to the bottom left of your browser window.

Run the Report in Flowhub Classic Application

  1. The report will automatically download to the default file location for your computer.

  2. This will typically be downloads, your computer desktop, or a documents folder.

  3. You can search for the file in your computer's "recent" folder if needed.

How to Read the Report

Note: Double-check the location name in the top left corner and the date range in the top right of the report to ensure you have the correct location/date.

Listed below is a break-down of each section:

  • Sales Overview Graph: The information that populates here will depend on the date range selected and will either show busy times for a single day or show your store's high volume days under a specific date range.

  • Revenue: Revenue generated either on a single date or a date range selected.

  • Transactions: The number of transactions completed either on a single date or specified date range.

  • Average Sale: Average sale amount of a transaction either on a single date or a selected date range.

  • Top-Selling Products: Gives a comprehensive listing of top-selling products either for a single date or a specified date range.

  • Top-Selling Employees: Listing of top-selling employees and the revenues generated by those top sellers.

  • Sales Breakdown: This section will give a category breakdown of the highest selling products by category. You can see what your patients/customers buy the most, of which products.

  • Top-Performing Specials: This will list the specials you have created and show their popularity. This can help you determine how your team is utilizing specials.

Report Example:

Sales PDF Sample
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