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Stash: Transfer Inventory Between Locations
Stash: Transfer Inventory Between Locations

In this article, you'll learn how to transfer inventory between your store locations, or from a distribution center using the Stash app.

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How to Transfer Inventory Between Locations in Stash:

  1. Launch the Stash app on the Nug.

  2. Select "Transfer Between Locations".

  3. Select which inventory items to transfer by scanning them with the Nug. You can also search for the product by name, package tag, SKU, category, or room.

  4. Once you have all items selected for transfer, select "Transfer Items."

How to Change the Amount of Product to Transfer:

  1. Select "Change" from the Transfer Product screen.

  2. Adjust the quantity to the correct amount.

  3. Select "Confirm."

  4. Verify the receiving location by selecting the "Receiving Location" dropdown at the top of the Nug.

  5. Select "Transfer."

  6. Select "Start Another Transfer" if you would like to transfer more items.

Please note: In order to transfer inventory with Stash, you must have the "Manage Inventory" permission enabled. To enable this permission, contact your system administrator.
For a quick tutorial on transferring inventory between locations using Stash, watch the following video:

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