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The Nug: Greet and Stash
The Nug: Greet and Stash

This article is a general overview of Flowhub's mobile Greet and Stash apps.

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The Greet and Stash Apps (which together form "The Nug") is a custom-built mobile solution for cannabis dispensaries to simplify daily work.

The applications are available for a monthly fee per application. If your store subscribes to these apps, you can download them directly from the Apple Store and use your existing Flowhub login.


Greet is an application that allows you to quickly scan a customer's ID to check their age and to check the validity of their ID. Greet is great for employees to quickly add customers to your Flowhub customer queue while adding any notes and details to their profile. Whether a customer is new to your store or a returning customer, they can be easily checked in via the Greet app!

  • Greet allows you to scan a customer's driver's license to confirm it is a valid ID and seamlessly add them as a customer to be served in Flowhub.

  • The application also allows you to manually add customers that do not have a scannable ID, such as a passport or an older acceptable license.


Stash is an inventory management application that allows you to quickly move, transfer, and audit your inventory with the Nug. The scanning sled allows you to quickly scan a product to gather the information you need to manage your inventory. With Stash, you can:

  • Audit Inventory

  • Transfer Inventory Between Locations

  • Move Inventory Between Rooms

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