Cannabis delivery is now available in several states. These sales can be tracked in Flowhub; however, these sales cannot be reported as a traditional sale in some markets due to state reporting regulations. Due to this, Flowhub has developed a way to exclude delivery sales from your daily METRC sales pushes.

This process can vary depending on the state your business resides. Please make sure to work with your METRC consultant or your state's reporting authority if you have any questions about reporting your sales to METRC.

How to enable:

  1. Sign into Flowhub Classic via

  2. Navigate to "Manage" then click "Location Management."

  3. Click the dropdown at the top and select "Settings."

  4. Navigate to "Cart" and check the box labeled "Enable Order Ahead Delivery."

  5. Click "Save Settings."


  • To quickly locate and track your sales, we recommend using a separate drawer for your delivery sales. This will make it easier to find and mark delivery orders in the completed sales tab.

  • You can use the completed sales tab in cashier to compare with your METRC receipt report and ensure delivery sales are excluded before upload.

Processing a delivery transaction:


  • Create the delivery manifest within METRC at the time of sale.

  • Note: This process may vary by location. If you have questions about this process, don't hesitate to contact your Metrc consultant.

In Flowhub:

  1. Create and complete the order in Flowhub as you would if the customer were in front of you.

  2. Once the transaction is complete, then go to "Completed Sales."

  3. Highlight your transaction, then check "delivery" on the right pane you can also print an additional receipt to attach to the order.

For a quick tutorial on how to mark sales as delivery sales, watch this video:

Excluding Delivery Sales from Metrc Sales Push:

  1. Click on Reports. Select the "METRC Receipts Report."

  2. To remove delivery sales from your end-of-day METRC push, click on the delivery orders drop-down menu and select "exclude."

  3. Choose to download the file or push your sales through to Metrc via API.

For a quick tutorial on how to exclude delivery sales from a Metrc push or CSV upload, watch this video:

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