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Received Metrc Bad API Key Message
Received Metrc Bad API Key Message

This article explains how to correct the bad API key message that you may encounter when working with METRC in Flowhub.

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If you encounter the error, "There was a problem contacting METRC's API, you may have a bad API key," you will need to do the following:

Generate a New API Key in METRC:

  1. Log in to your METRC account.

  2. Select the down arrow located by your account name in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. Click "API Keys" from the dropdown.

  4. Select "Generate New API Key" from this window to generate the new API key.

Adding Your Metrc API Key to Flowhub:

  1. Once you have the API key, log into your Flowhub account at and click the "Employees" tab.

  2. Select your name from the employee's listing. Then on the right-hand side, scroll to find and select the option: "Change API Key."

  3. In the new window, paste your new API key into the first text field.

  4. Enter your Flowhub password and select "Update API Key" to confirm.

Now that your API key is updated, try to complete the task you were attempting.

If you still encounter an error, please contact the Flowhub Product Support team at for assistance.

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