View is an application that allows dispensary stakeholders to "View" their store's performance through real-time dashboards and reports. View is available through the Apple Apps store and the Google Play Store.


To access View, you will need to have an active Flowhub account with the "View Access" permission.

Logging In

  1. Once installed, find and click the View application icon on your phone:

    • View Icon on Phone
  2. Log in using your Flowhub credentials. Your credentials for View will be the same as your current Flowhub account. Remember, your credentials are case-sensitive.

    • View login screen


On login, at the top of the screen, you will see the name of your dispensary and a date drop-down menu. Near the bottom of the application, you will see three different tabs: "Views," "Following," and "Settings."

  • First screen of view

  • Dispensary Name - This drop-down menu allows you to switch between the different locations for your dispensary. When clicked, the list of your available locations will display.

  • Time Frame - This dropdown menu allows you to toggle between three preselected time frames:

    • "Today" - Will only include data for today's date.

    • "Yesterday" - Will only include the data for the previous day.

    • "This Week" - Will include data for the current week starting on Sunday.

    • "This Month" - Will include data for the current calendar month.

  • Views - This is the collection of cards containing visualizations of real-time data for your store. Below you will see a brief description of each card in View. Each card will have two icons:

    • A "Share" icon that allows you to share the report via your phone through methods such as email and text message.

    • A "Star" icon will allow you to favorite that specific card. Any cards marked with a star will be listed in the "Favorites" tab.

  • "Favorites" - This is a listing of the cards you have marked with a star. To remove a card from "favorites," tap the star icon, and the card will no longer be listed in this section.

  • "Settings" - This is where you will go to sign out, get help, and send the Flowhub team feedback or report any issues.



This card shows the total sales amount and taxes collected from those sales. This card also estimates how your sales may look at the end of this day/week/month compared to the last day/week/month. The highlighted values under Total Sales and Total Taxes dynamically update based on your sales and how far into the time period you are.

  • Sales

Sales Breakdown

This card shows a breakdown of sales percentages across each product category.
In this example, you can see concentrates were 33% of the total products sold for this time frame.
To navigate between categories, click the arrow to the left/right of the current category.

  • Sales breakdown

Customer Queue

The customer queue card has two parts:

  • The first section will show the number of customers currently checked in to your location.

  • Customer queue first page
  • The second section will show you the conversion rate of your customers. The conversion rate tells you the percentage of visitors that made a purchase. If every customer checked in makes a purchase, the conversion rate will be 100%. A conversion rate below 100% is not a bad thing - it could mean that many of your customers shop in groups.

  • Customer check in conversion rate

Budtender Sales

This chart shows sales broken down by budtender. The top-selling budtenders will be listed first. By default, the card will only show you the five top-selling budtenders. To see more, click the "Tap to load more..." link at the bottom of the list.

  • Budtender Sales

Top Selling Vendors

This card shows which vendors are the most popular according to the number of units sold.

  • Top selling vendors

Top Selling Products

This card shows which of your products are the most popular according to the number of units sold.

  • Top selling products


This card shows the number of total transactions for your store.

  • Transactions

Average Sale Amount

This card shows the average sale amount for the selected time frame.

  • Average sale amount

Inventory Discrepancies

This card displays any identified inventory discrepancies in your Flowhub inventory. For more information about inventory discrepancies, please visit our Adjust Inventory Help Hub article. Any discrepancies you have will be listed by the room they are in.

  • No discrepancies:

  • Inventory Discrepancy
  • Active discrepancies:

  • Inventory with active discrepancy
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