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Flowhub Classic: Void a Transaction
Flowhub Classic: Void a Transaction

This article explains how to void a sale in Flowhub Classic.

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There are times when you need to undo or remove a sale from your system. To do this, complete the following steps:
Note: A sale can only be voided the same day the sale was made. Any refunds or adjustments after the day of purchase will need to be done as a refund/manual adjustment of your inventory.

  1. In the left sidebar navigation, select "Adjustments."

  2. At the top of the screen, select "Sales" from the first available drop-down menu.

    • Adjustments Menu
  3. Select the sale which you wish to void. You can search by type of customer (Rec/Med), Drawer, Employees, and Payment Methods.

  4. In the right sidebar navigation, select the "Details" tab.

  5. Select "Void."

  6. Confirm "Yes."

What Happens When You Void a Sale

  • The sale (package tag, quantity sold, sales in dollars) will be removed from the Metrc CSV report.

  • The cash or card collected is removed from "Drawers."

  • Sales reports will now include a"'Void" column, and total sales will be less the void.

  • Quantities will automatically correct within the inventory section.

  • Voided sales will remain in "Adjustments" and are denoted with a red bar strikeout. Details can be found in the "Details" tab in the right sidebar navigation.

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