Metrc is a regulatory compliance system that several states use to track their cannabis products from Seed-to-Sale. Flowhub has the functionality to push your sales information directly to Metrc at the time of sale and check the current purchase limits for your medical customers.

Metrc API Keys & Flowhub

To enable the Live Metrc Sales Push functionality, you must set up an API key for each employee running transactions. API keys, or application program interface keys, connect and transmit data between Metrc and other software providers like Flowhub. In order for Flowhub to seamlessly communicate with Metrc, a user in Flowhub will need to attach an API Key to their Employee profile.

To ensure your employees can successfully upload sales to Metrc, they will need the correct permissions on their Metrc profile. If you have any questions about the permissions and features needed for Metrc employee profiles, please reach out to

Please note: an API key must be on file for every employee who completes transactions in Flowhub to report to Metrc in real-time.

Getting Your API Key

To retrieve a Metrc API key:

  1. Have the employee log into their Metrc account.

    • Get your Metrc API Key

  2. Select the Metrc profile dropdown in the upper right corner and choose "API Keys."

    • If they already have an API Key listed here, they can copy the API key with their cursor.

    • If you do not have an API key listed here, click the "Generate" option to create an API key and copy it.

  3. Once thee API is copied, log into with the profile you need to assign it to.

  4. Select "Employees"

  5. Select the employee's name, and choose the "Change API Key" option on the right side of the window:

    • Change API Key option in FH

  6. Paste the API Key in the appropriate field and enter the employee's password to confirm.

  7. Select "Update API Key," and the API key will be set.

    • We recommend that all all budtenters have their own unique Metrc API keys.

Check Employee API Keys

If an employee is going to be transacting, they need to have an API key associated with their profile; if an employee logs in and does not have a valid API key, they will not be able to transact. To check which of your employees have an assigned API key, you can run an employee report through Reports.

  1. Log into select "Reports."

  2. Select the plus sign + in the upper right corner.

  3. Enter a Report Name, Description, and choose "Employees" from the Report Type dropdown.

  4. For the fields, all you will need is:

    • Name

    • API Key

  5. The only filter: Active is already selected; this will only pull back active employees.

  6. Save the report

  7. Run the report to find any employees missing an API key entry.

  8. If the employee is a back-of-house user and won't be running sales, they do not need an API key.

Enabling Live Metrc Check In and Live Sales Reporting

Live Metrc Checkin allows Cashier to fetch patient limits directly from Metrc. Live Sales Reporting will allow Cashier to push sales directly to Metrc as they are processed. Once you have verified your employee's permissions in Metrc, and have assigned an API key to each transacting employee, you'll be ready to enable Live Metrc Check In and Live Sales Reporting.

Competed Sales

In Cashier's Completed Sales tab you can see the upload status of your day's sales.

Successfully uploaded sales will appear with the green “Upload Success” indicator:

Sales that fail to upload to Metrc will appear with the red “Upload Failed” indicator. There will be an option to “Try Again” on the side panel.

Sales that consist of only accessories will have no status indicator since they will not be attempted to be uploaded to Metrc:

In Oklahoma, until August 24th, sales that contain items that do NOT have package tags mixed with items that do have package tags will display with the yellow “Partial Upload” message.

Metrc API Responsiveness

Please be aware that Metrc may encounter periods of delayed API response times. You can check the Metrc Response Time Indicator in Flowhub packages, which will indicate if Metrc's API is underperforming. In the event of a poor Metrc response time, you may need to report sales manually in Metrc to ensure the track-and-trace system is updated before the patient leaves your dispensary. If you have any questions about the permissions and features needed for Metrc employee profiles, please reach out to

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