Permissions help dispensaries control the level of access given to each employee. Each employee gets unique permissions set upon creation. These permissions can be edited at any time.

Note: If an employee needs access to a specific area in Flowhub and they do not have access, they'll need someone with the "Manage Permissions" permission and the permission for the task they are trying to complete.

Available Employee Permissions

When you create or edit an employee, you will see the "User Permissions" section:

User-added image

Ensure employees only get permission for the specific areas of Flowhub necessary for their job.

Here's a breakdown of what all the available user permissions mean:

  • Manage Price Profiles: Able to create, edit, and delete price profiles for bulk or prepackaged flower.

  • Manage Rooms: Able to create, edit, and delete rooms where inventory is stored. Also, edit descriptions and designate whether the items in a room are "for sale" or "not for sale."

  • Manage Strains: Able to create, edit, and delete strains.

  • Manage Inventory: Able to create, edit, and delete inventory, update inventory within rooms, record waste, update quantities, and print inventory labels.

  • Manage Customers: Able to create new medical and recreation customers, edit customer information, and check customers in.

  • Manage Employees: Able to create new employees and edit current employee information, including permissions.

  • Apply Discounts in Cart: Able to add in-line discounts ($ and %) to customers at the time of sale.

  • Manage Specials: Able to create or edit auto-applied specials at the time of the sale.

  • Import Packages (State Tracking Related): Able to import packages from Metrc in the packages section of Flowhub.

  • Manage Drawers: Able to create new drawers, open and approve/close pending drawers, see the counting cash screen, see revenue and totals, and conduct payouts and cash drops.

  • Access Reports: Able to create and view custom reports.

  • Salaried Employee: Check this box if a user does not need to clock in/clock out throughout their workday.

  • Manage Taxes: Able to configure tax rates for your location.

  • Report Admin: Able to run reports across all the locations in your account.

  • Edit Loyalty Points: Able to edit customer loyalty points.

  • Company Management: Able to manage (create, edit, and delete) products, suppliers, loyalty programs, and customer groups company-wide. It also gives access to Cashier Preferences.

  • Make Adjustments: Able to edit and void any completed sales and all employees' timesheets.

  • Edit Open Carts: Able to make changes to/edit open carts.

  • Group Locations: Able to make location groups in company management

  • Bulk Edit Products: Able to bulk edit products.

  • Executive Dashboard: Able to access the Executive Dashboard.

  • Store Dashboard: Able to access the Store Dashboard.

  • Scanner Only: Only items with scanned barcodes can be added to the cart.

    • To give this permission to an employee, you must have this permission.

    • If you do not wish to limit your privileges in carts and need to add this permission to an employee, please contact Flowhub product support by phone or email.

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