Flowhub's Inventory Log is a tool to see a single product’s inventory and sales activity across all packages over a designated period (up to 3 months). The "Inventory Log" tracks all activities that impact inventory.

How to Search for Inventory

  1. Select "Inventory Log" on the left side of the window.

  2. Select a "Category" from the drop-down filter:

    • Inventory Log

  3. Enter the product name. As you type, product names will appear in a drop-down. Select the product you need from the drop-down:

    • User-added image

  4. Enter the desired date range in the date field. Press "Go."

  5. All activities for the product and the date entered will be listed on the main screen.

    • User-added image

  6. You can refine the results using "Refine Search."

  7. If you click the "CSV" button in the upper right, you can download a CSV copy of the inventory log results.


  • Inventory total - Shows the total inventory associated to the same product name. This will include all packages with the same "Package ID."

  • Package Total - Shows the total inventory associated to the same package ID.

  • These are the available "Actions" in the inventory log:

  • Sale, Refund, Adjust Quantity or SKU, Add, Move, Combine, Remove, Edit, Waste, Transfer, Submit Discrepancy, Approve Discrepancy, and Pack Bulk Bud. You can use the "Refine Search" to pull back a specific action if needed.

    • Combines - Shows when a product from one room is moved to another and combined with inventory with the same details.

    • Note: Items will not combine if anything is different between the inventory items in question.

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