Changes in cannabis regulations can happen quickly, making some inventory non-compliant, carrying fines, or worse if they are sold. When these changes occur, it is essential to separate the inventory physically within your store and Flowhub.

To process non-compliant inventory, we will need to create a separate virtual room in Flowhub to hold the inventory. This will ensure that the non-compliant inventory cannot be sold in Cashier.

  1. Navigate to Location Management (expand the bottom-left area by employee name > Manage > Location Management) and click the drop-down at the top to select "rooms."

  2. To add a new room, click the “+” sign in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Fill in a room name, brief description, mark the Room "not for sale," and select "save."

  4. Move the inventory into this room. This ensures that no one can place this item in a cart to sell.

    Please note that employees must have the "Manage Inventory" permission to move any non-compliant inventory to the new room you created.

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