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Ingredients Aren't Printing on my Labels
Ingredients Aren't Printing on my Labels

This article explains what to do if ingredients, such as nutrients and pesticides, for your products aren't printing on your labels.

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Ingredients, such as nutrients and pesticides, are entered within "Supplier Information" in Flowhub. If you have an inventory item that isn't printing ingredients on the label, take the following steps:

  1. Click "Manage" on the lower-left side of the navigation menu in Flowhub.

  2. Select "Company Management."

  3. Select "Suppliers" from the drop-down.

  4. Find and select the supplier you need to update, based on the product that isn't printing ingredients.

  5. Click "Edit" on the right side of the screen. This will open the supplier information:

    • Supplier Modal of Flowhub
  6. Enter the needed information under "Nutrients and Pesticides."

  7. Click "Update Supplier."

  8. Now, when an inventory item with this supplier is sold, an updated ingredients label will print.

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