The feature allows inventory managers to import/add Metrc packages to your Flowhub inventory through the Flowhub API integration with Metrc. You need to have the "Import Packages" employee permission to access this feature. You also need to have a Metrc API Key assigned to your Flowhub profile.

Watch the video below to see this workflow in action:

How to Import Packages from Metrc

  1. Select "Packages" from the left side of the navigation menu.

  2. Select the "Get from Metrc" in the upper right corner.

  3. You need to select your license type (Both Med, and Rec) in this window.

  4. Then choose one of the following:

    • Import New Packages: This will only pull in packages added to Metrc since the last time packages were imported. If you select this option, the window will close, and new packages will populate the packages list.

    • Reset Entire Package List: This refreshes your package list and pulls all active packages in Metrc that do not currently exist in Flowhub. If you select this option, any listed packages will be removed, and all active packages will begin to populate. This can take a few minutes and is recommended to be used sparingly.

    • Note: If it's your first time importing packages, we recommend that you do the "Reset Entire Package List" option.

After a successful pull from Metrc, you can add these items to inventory by choosing the "Import as Inventory" option, or if they are packages you do not wish to add, you can remove them by selecting "Remove."

How to Add Packages to Inventory

  1. In "Packages," select a package. To the right, select " Import as Inventory in the "Details" pane to the right, select "Import as Inventory."

  2. This will open the "Add Inventory" window.

  3. This will be similar to manually adding inventory, but the package information will be entered and can't be changed.

How to Reset the Packages List

You may need to reset your packages tab if you cannot retrieve an accepted METRC package tag or if you’ve manually added an item with a METRC tag to your inventory.

  1. Navigate to your packages tab.

  2. Select “Get From Metrc” in the top right corner.

  3. Select reset entire packages list.

  4. Check the box to acknowledge that this may disrupt anyone currently adding inventory in the packages tab.

  5. Select “reset entire packages list."

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