Gift cards allow customers to purchase an amount of credit for your store and give it to someone else. Flowhub Gift Cards are easy to create and can be done through a vendor or custom cards/values that you create yourself.

How to Sell a Gift Card

  1. Add the customer from the queue to the cart.

  2. Select "Sell Gift Card" from the submenu next to the customer's name (the three dots).

  3. Enter the "Gift Card ID" number and the dollar "Amount" that the customer wants to put on a gift card. Note: The "Gift Card ID" is the unique identifier that will be assigned to the card. This is typically scannable but can also be entered manually.

    • Gift card ID

  4. Select "Add Gift Card to Cart."

  5. Proceed with the rest of the checkout as you usually would.

    • Note: Taxes are not applied when purchasing gift cards.

How to Redeem a Gift Card

  1. Select "Check Out" near the bottom right corner of the green checkout box.

  2. Select "Gift Card."

    • Redeem card option

  3. Enter the "Gift Card ID" and enter the amount you want to use from the gift card. Select "Apply."

    • enter gift card id

  4. Any remaining balance will show:

    • remaining balance view

  5. Accept any remaining balance due, add your pin, and click "Accept​."

How to Inspect a Gift Card

  1. Add the customer from the queue to a cart.

  2. Select the customer sub-menu (the three dots by their name).

  3. Select "Inspect a Gift Card."

  4. Add the card number, and the total remaining on the card will be displayed.

  • gift card balance
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