If a customer needs a refund or exchange without a receipt, you can find the previous purchase under "Adjustments" on the left sidebar navigation. This allows you to locate the "Receipt ID" to make the refund through Cashier.

To access "Adjustments," you will need to have the "Make Adjustments" permission. If you cannot see or access this menu option, please check with a supervisor or shift lead to assist with a refund.

Locate the Receipt ID

  1. Select "Adjustments" from the left sidebar navigation menu.

  2. Search through your sales using the filters on the top of the screen.

  3. Locate the transaction and record/copy the "Receipt ID."

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Complete the Refund

  1. Select "Cashier" from the left sidebar navigation menu.

  2. Locate and select the customer who needs the refund in the queue.

  3. Once in the cart, click the customer sub-menu (the three vertical dots by their name).

  4. Select "Refund previous purchase."

  5. Paste the receipt number in the text box or scan the barcode at the bottom of the receipt.

  6. Select "Add refunds to cart" and continue the transaction.

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