As customers get checked in at your store, they will be automatically added to a queue. This queue allows employees to keep track of the order in which customers have arrived. This article outlines common management questions about the customer queue.

Locate and Manage Your Customer Queue

  1. Select "Cashier" from the left sidebar navigation to locate and manage the queue.

  2. On the right side, you will see the "Customer Queue." All customers/patients who have been checked in will show here.

  3. You can see the customer name, state, age, and wait time from the queue.

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  4. When the customer comes to the counter, the cashier will perform the second ID check and select the customer's name. You can utilize the icons next to the customer's name to understand who is who.

  5. Each drawer is assigned a designation, either Rec , Med, or Both.

    • Rec or recreational customers will have a person icon next to their name.

    • Med or medical patients will have a white medical cross icon next to their name.

  6. This means an employee/cashier will only see certain customer types in the queue depending on their assigned drawer. If you cannot see certain products or customers, check your drawer assignment.

Remove a Customer from the Queue

The X button on the right of each waiting customer's name will remove the customer from the queue, prompting the employee to enter a reason for leaving:

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Select a Customer & Cart Menu Options

  1. Select the next available customer.

  2. Once you select a customer, you will be in their "Cart."

  3. Use the main window to search for products in your inventory to sell to the customer.

  4. As you start to add items to a cart, you will see a triangle appear on the left of each item.

  5. Click this, and the item will expand with "Details, Inline Discount, Remove" buttons.

  6. You will also see if an item has a discount applied, whether inline or from a code or automatic special. The tag discount item will appear right next to the price.

  7. As you add items to the cart, you'll see the Cannabis Counter will increase as products are added. If you ever notice your checkout button disappears, this means the Cannabis Counter has reached its limit, and products will need to be removed from the cart.

You also have complete control over the customer's checkout process from the "Cart" sub-menu (the three dots located next to their name), which will give you the following options:

  • Clear Cart: Items will be added back to inventory.

  • Move Back to Queue (Keep Cart): Inventory items will be held so you cannot oversell.

  • Close Cart & Leave: Clears customer out and puts inventory back in stock.

  • Purchase History: This shows the last five transactions for med customers.

  • Refund Previous Purchase: You will need their receipt number (if they do not have this, you can look it up in "adjustments").

  • Sell and Inspect Gift Cards: Where you sell and inspect gift cards if you choose to accept them.

  • Print Compliance Label: Reprint labels here, if needed.

Note: If at any time a customer has items in their cart, and you select the "move back to queue" option, that inventory is held by Flowhub's smart cart and cannot be sold to another customer, preventing overselling inventory.

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