Specials are discounts you control for all transactions with specific parameters. When an inventory item is tied to a special, you can choose if the special will auto-apply to a product or require a budtender to enter a code. These are Auto-Apply and Code specials.

Note: To access specials in Flowhub Classic, you need the "Manage Specials" permission.

How to Access Specials in Flowhub Classic

  1. Select "Specials" from the left side of the navigation menu.

  2. The screen that opens shows all current specials:

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Special Details

  • A special can be switched between "Active" and "Inactive."

  • A green circle with a checkmark indicates the special is active, and a red circle with an x indicates the special is not active.

  • A shopping cart indicates cart discounts in the "Category" section.

  • The honeycomb symbol indicates Item-level discounts.

Notes: Specials must be active for the system to apply the discount within the cart automatically. You can toggle a special between active and inactive as often as you like.

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