To make a sale, there needs to be a customer in your Flowhub queue, and you will need to be assigned to a Flowhub "Drawer."

How to Add Items to a Customer's Cart

  1. Once assigned to a drawer, you will select "Cashier" from the left side of the navigation menu.

  2. In "Cashier," you will see the customer queue to the right of the main screen. Select the customer you need to ring up.

  3. You are now in the "Customer's Cart" and can begin adding the inventory they want to purchase.

  4. Here are some items to keep in mind while working with the customer cart:

    • Items can be scanned by barcode to be added to inventory.

    • You can also use the "Search" field to find the item.

    • Once the item is found, click the corresponding plus "+" sign to add it to the cart.

    • Enter two "spaces" in the search field will pull back your entire inventory if needed.

    • You can see additional details as products are added by expanding the item menu (the small back triangle). This will allow you to see the product details, as well as remove the item from the cart.

How to Check the Customer Out

  1. Once all requested items are added to the cart, you will ring up the customer by selecting "Checkout ^."

    • Checkout Option

  2. This will open the checkout options. Here you can select which payment method the customer is using, enter the total amount provided by the customer, and choose "Apply." This will update the screen, showing you how much change to give.

    • Classic Checkout
    • Flowhub Classic Checkout

  3. Enter your Flowhub PIN and select "Accept."

  4. The cash drawer should open, exit labels will print, and you can give the customer their change and receipt.

  5. Affix the exit labels to the product as required by local compliance regulations.

  6. Make sure the product has been packaged correctly in an exit bag (if required).

  7. You can give the customer the product; you're done!

Note: If you are assigned to more than one drawer, you will be prompted to select which drawer you are ringing the customer out of. Make sure to choose the correct drawer for your station.

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