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Flowhub Classic: Edit, Check, and Redeem Loyalty Points
Flowhub Classic: Edit, Check, and Redeem Loyalty Points

This article will explain how to edit, check, and redeem a Customer's accrued loyalty points in Flowhub Classic.

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Flowhub's loyalty program allows customers to earn points for every dollar spent.

Check & Edit a Customer's Loyalty Points

  1. A customer will need to be "Checked In" for you to edit their loyalty points.

  2. Once a customer has been checked into the queue, under "Customers," you'll see them listed in the main window.

  3. Select the customer whose points you need to check or edit.

  4. On the right, under the "Details" pane, you will see the amount of points the customer has under their name. You will see "Edit Loyalty Points" near the bottom of the pane.

  5. When you select "Edit Loyalty Points," the current value of points will be listed in the new window. Enter in the total amount that the customer should have, then select "Update":

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Redeem a Customer's Loyalty Points

  1. Once a loyalty customer has met a point threshold, they can redeem their points.

  2. When all products have been added to a customer's cart, select "Checkout" as you would normally.

  3. The total will show how much money is available to redeem with the option "Apply Loyalty Points Yes No."

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  4. Select "Yes" to apply the points value to the current transaction. Select "No" if the customer wants to wait to redeem their points.

  5. Complete the remainder of the transaction as you normally would. Any remaining balance will need to be processed as a cash, debit, or gift card sale.

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