You can check in recreational customers and medical patients into Flowhub through Flowhub Classic.

Check-in Customers with Flowhub Classic

  1. Make sure to sign in to Flowhub Classic or through Google Chrome at
    Once signed in, you will see several options on the left-hand side:

    • Classic Flowhub Main Screen

  2. Select "Customers."

  3. Once on the Customers page, you will see options in the upper right-hand corner.
    The "download" icon allows you to search for and check in existing customers. The "plus sign" icon allows you to add a new customer to check in.

    • Customer Options

Check-in Current or Existing Customers

The "download" icon allows you to search for customers that have already visited your dispensary in the past. Clicking this icon will open the following screen, where you can search for the customer by name or Medical ID.

Look Up Customer Button

As you start typing, you will see potential customers listed:

Look Up Customers Modal
Searching for Customers

Once you find the customer you are looking for, select their name from the dropdown menu. You can then choose to "Remove," "Edit" or "Check in" the customer. "Cancel" will return you to the search field if you need to select a different customer.

You can also expand the customer's details by clicking the down arrow next to "Display Customer Details":

Found Customer Modal View

Select Check in to add the customer to your customer queue.

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