To learn how to add edibles to your product catalog, watch the video or follow the steps below:

How to Add an Accessory to the Product Catalog

1. Navigate to "Company Management."

2. Select the plus button at the top right of the screen.

3. Select "Edibles" from the product category dropdown menu.

Required Information

Required information is marked with an asterisk. Required information may change by location.

1. Enter the name of your product.
It is best to follow the same naming conventions across all your stores. This will help identify items in the cashier app and make transfers between stores seamless. For example, if your naming conventions are brand, name, and total mg of THC in the package, your item would look like the following: Flowhub Moon Cake 100mg.

2. Enter a Product type.
This acts as a subcategory in the edibles category. This will allow you to set up specials based on type, filter reports and make it easier to search for items in your inventory. Types can include baked goods, hard candy, and gummies.

3. Add the total mg of THC and CBD for the entire individual package (not the amount per serving).

4. Set default sale price and cost per unit.

  • You can set location-based prices by selecting "Add Another Location-based Price" and check-marking the location(s) the price applies to.

Location-based Price options

5. Select "Save."

Optional Information

  • Set a Default par level. This is the minimum quantity of an item you want to have in stock before replenishing your stock.

    • You can set location-based par levels by selecting "Add Another Location-based Par Level," and check-marking the location(s) the par level applies to.

Location based par level options are shown
  • Add a product image. This will appear in Cashier and on integrated online menus.

  • Add a description of your product. This will appear in Cashier and on integrated online menus.

  • Select the appropriate childproof package setting.

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