If you want to have a special apply automatically in the customer's cart, you can use the following steps. Note: To access specials in Flowhub Classic, you need the Manage Specials" permission.

How to Create a New Auto-Apply Special

  1. Select "Specials" from the left side of the navigation menu.

  2. Select the "+" sign in the upper right corner.

  3. This will open the "Add New Specials" screen:

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  4. Here you can enter the name of your special and other options.

    • No Limits | Limits - This allows you to limit how many times a special can be redeemed.

    • Active | Inactive - This allows you to toggle the special between active and inactive. When inactive, the special will not apply.

    • Applicable Customer Type - Choose which customers and customers can redeem the special.

    • Inventory Category - Specials can be applied to specific products. This allows you to search your inventory and select a specific product. If not chosen, the special will apply to the entire cart.

    • Auto Apply | Code - This switches the special type.

    • $ | % - "Type of Discount" gives the option for the special to be a cash/dollar discount special or a percentage discount. Switching between "Cash" and "Percent" will change the text field to the right to match.

    • Select a date range, along with the listed days of the week, to schedule the availability of the special.

    • Once you've made your selections, choose "Save" and you will be able to see your special listed.

Auto-Apply Example:

I want to make a special that will apply a 20% discount for all of my edible products every Monday. I want this special to be available to all my customers, and I do not want my budtenders to enter a code each time.

Here is how I can make this special. I can leave many of the options on their default setting. Only changing the following:

  • I named my special "Munchie Monday."

  • Selected "Edible" from the Inventory Category option.

  • In the "Type of Discount" text field, I entered "20."

  • I unchecked every day of the week except for Monday.

  • After clicking "Save," this special will auto-apply to all edibles on Mondays.

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