Inline discounts allow you to add a discount to a customer's purchase at the time of sale. In Flowhub Classic, you can discount any product with a percent (%) or dollar ($) amount discount.

Note: This inline discount only allows you to apply a discount to a specific item, not to the whole cart.

How to Create an Inline Discount:

  1. Select "Cashier" from the left side of the navigation menu.

  2. Select your customer from the queue on the right side of the Cashier screen.

  3. In the cart, click the arrow next to the item you want to discount.

  4. This will open a sub-menu for the item; select "Discount."

    • Discount Menu

  5. Select the type of discount you want to enter, either (%) or ($), and enter the amount in the box to the right. For example, for a 10% discount, select the % options and type "10" into the amount box.

  6. Enter your reason for the discount, for example, "First Time Customer."

  7. Click "apply."

  8. The discount will be applied to the specific item, and you can continue ringing up the rest of the sale.

Note: If these inline discount options are not available to you, please reach out to your supervisor and have them check your Flowhub permissions for the "Add Discounts to Cart" permission.

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