On Windows computers, Flowhub Classic can be accessed in two ways: Through Google Chrome or the Desktop Application.

The browser version through Google Chrome is best for running reports, checking inventory, printing inventory labels, and other managerial tasks. The desktop application is best for running your sales and ringing up customers.

How to Access Flowhub Classic on a Windows Computer with Google Chrome:

  1. Enter https://pos.flowhub.co in the address bar of your Google Chrome Browser.

  2. Enter your Flowhub Badge ID/Username and password to sign in.

Note: If you do not have Google Chrome, you can download it here: https://www.google.com/chrome/.

Tips for working in Flowhub with Google Chrome:
Receipts and labels will print to a PDF file within Chrome. You can print labels and receipts through the Chrome browser by selecting the print icon.

How to Access Flowhub Classic on a Windows Computer Through the Desktop Application:

  1. The desktop application can be downloaded from: https://download.flowhub.co/classic.html.

  2. Select the 64-bit button next to the appropriate OS.

  3. Once the file has been downloaded, double-click the file to install it.

  4. The application will automatically open after installation.

  5. You will be asked for your Client Name. The Client Name will be pos3.flowhub.co

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  6. Once your Client Name is entered, the application will load the Flowhub Login screen.

  7. Log in to Flowhub with your Badge ID and Password, and you're good to go!

Tips for Working in the Flowhub Desktop Application:

  • To switch the application between windowed and full-screen mode, press F11 to toggle between the two views.

  • If you need to reload the application, press F5.

  • To view the application menu, select the Alt key on your keyboard. This will open up the "File, Printer, and View" options.

  • Need to get to your browser? Click the Windows tab on your keyboard to pull up the start menu.

  • Switch between your POS and other open windows on your machine by holding down the "alt" key and clicking the "Tab" button.

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