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Flowhub Classic: Access on a Mac Computer
Flowhub Classic: Access on a Mac Computer

This article will explain how to access the Flowhub Classic application via the Chrome Browser or the desktop download for Mac computers.

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On Mac/Apple computers, Flowhub Classic can be accessed one of two ways: Through Google Chrome or the desktop application.
The browser version through Google Chrome is best for running reports, checking inventory, printing inventory labels, and other managerial tasks. The desktop application is best for running your sales and ringing up customers.

How to Access Flowhub Classic on a Mac with Google Chrome:

  1. Enter in the address bar of your Google Chrome Browser.

  2. Enter your Flowhub Badge ID/Username and password to sign in.

Note: If you do not have Google Chrome, you can download it here:

Tips for Working in Flowhub with Google Chrome:

Receipts and labels will print to a PDF file within Chrome. You can print labels and receipts through the Chrome browser by selecting the print icon.

How to Access Flowhub Classic on a Mac Through the Desktop Application:

  1. The desktop application can be downloaded from

  2. The site should detect which version you need to download and display the download. If the site does not detect the version, select the Mac OS X 64bit version. (Mac OS X 64-bit is currently the only supported operating system for Mac).

    • Mac OS Version

  3. Once the file has been downloaded, double click the DMG file to install it.

    • For Mac computers, you may have to authorize Cashier to run by navigating to System Preferences > Security > General.

  4. This will open a window to drag the Flowhub icon to your Applications folder. After dragging the Flowhub icon into your Applications folder, you can close that window.

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  5. Open "Finder" on your Mac, go to your Applications folder, and double-click the Flowhub icon to launch the application.

  6. You will be asked for your Client Name. Your client name will be the URL

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  7. Once your Client Name is entered, the application will load the Flowhub Login screen.

  8. Log into Flowhub with your Badge ID and password, and you're good to go!

Tips for Working in the Flowhub Desktop Application:

  • To switch between windowed mode and full-screen mode in the application, press F11 to toggle between the two views.

  • If you need to reload the application, press F5.

  • To view the application menu, hover near the top left corner of your screen. This will open the "Edit, Devices, and View" options.

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