Enable Order Fulfillment Model

This article will give an overview of the Flowhub Order Fulfillment model and how to enable it for your Flowhub store.

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The Order Fulfillment model is an excellent option if your store has roaming budtenders or sales associates that take orders. At the same time, other team members focus on fulfilling those orders and processing payment in later steps.
We recommend using a network or Bluetooth receipt printer for fulfillment order tickets. Network printers will allow many connections to one printer, while a Bluetooth printer only supports a one-to-one connection.

This workflow will be available for all Flowhub Cashier customers but will not be active unless you enable it. If you are currently in Flowhub Classic, this workflow will not be available. If you are curious about upgrading to Flowhub Cashier, please have your Flowhub administrator reach out to your customer success manager or email help@flowhub.com.
Watch the video below for a guide on using this workflow:

How to Enable Order Fulfillment

  1. Sign in to Flowhub, then click the up arrow ^ next to your name in the lower left-hand navigation menu.

  2. This will open up more menu options. Select "Manage" and then "Location Management" when the option appears.

  3. Select "Settings" from the "Manage" drop-down menu.

  4. In this new window, select "Cart."

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  5. Check the box next to "Use Order Fulfillment Model."

  6. Select "Save Settings," and you are done.

  7. You will need to have any currently signed-in Cashier stations sign out and sign back in to see the new workflow options.

How to Use the Order Fulfillment Model in Cashier

  1. Check a customer in and build their cart.

  2. Select Print all labels.

    • All exit labels will print to your your Bluetooth or network-connected printer in your fulfillment room or area.

    • If you have turned off printing for flower or non-flower items, exit labels for items in those categories will not print.

    • Labels won't print at the end of a transaction if they are printed during order fulfillment.

  3. Select "Print Order Ticket."

    • A ticket will print to your Bluetooth or network-connected printer in your fulfillment room or area. The customer will return to the waitlist with a note indicating that fulfillment is in progress.

  4. Complete the order by selecting the customer from the queue to reopen their cart.

    • You also have the option to reprint the order ticket if necessary.

  5. Verify the order by adding the appropriate items to their cart.

    • In Cashier Preferences, you can toggle the option to clear or keep a customer's cart as their order is fulfilled. Carts will not clear for Order Ahead orders regardless of Cashier Preference settings.

  6. Collect payment.

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