Guest Mode/Anonymous Checkout is a feature that allows dispensaries to create a transaction for recreational customers without retaining their personal information. For states like Oregon, California, Alaska, Nevada, and Colorado, recreational customers only need to provide a valid form of identification to prove they are of legal age and can request their information is not saved.

How to Enable Guest Checkout

  1. Sign in to the Flowhub application, or through Google Chrome, go to:

  2. Once signed in, select the small up arrow ^ next to your name on the lower-left side of the navigation menu:

    • Menu option screen
  3. This will open up more menu options. Select "Manage" and then "Location Management" when it appears:

    • Location and company management options
  4. After selecting "Location Management" within Flowhub, you will be directed to the "Rooms" page.

  5. Select "Settings" in the "Manage:" drop-down menu.

  6. This will open a new window. You will have three options: "Print," "Cart," and "Inventory."

  7. Select "Cart."

    • Location management cart settings
  8. Check the "Enable New Sale/Guest Checkout" box and choose "Save Settings."

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